What is Sexual Violence?

Sexual violence is when one person uses force, the threat of force or coercion to make another person engage in sexual behavior against his or her will.


Assailants commit sexual assault by way of violence, threats, coercion, manipulation, pressure or tricks.

Whatever the circumstances, no one asks or deserves to be sexually assaulted.

The most common myth of sexual assault is that a stranger is the abuser, but the reality is that about half of the people who have been sexually assaulted have known their assailant. A victim of sexual assault can be anyone, at any age, and of any race or gender, or religious background. Oftentimes when a victim of sexual assault comes forward, the victim is wrongly blamed for the assault.


At SAGE we uphold that a victim is NEVER responsible for a sexual assault.

If you have been sexually assaulted, please contact us at (509) 663-7446. Your information will be kept confidential. 


 24/7 Crisis Line 509-663-7446
Teen Text Line 509-669-9652