Services We Provide in Wenatchee, WA

Providing Services Chelan and Douglas Counties
The agency gives high regard to public awareness and education, and therefore disseminates information to social service organizations and the public in general regarding current issues of domestic and sexual violence through on-site training and prevention education.
Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)
The Address Confidentiality Program assists crime victims (specifically victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking) who have relocated to avoid further abuse. It helps participants keep their home, work and/or school address secret by providing a substitute mailing address. It also allows clients to register to vote or apply for a marriage license without revealing their actual address.
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocacy
Supporting survivors to make positive future plans in cooperation with local social service providers. Guidance and liaison through legal issues, focusing on personal safety, core values, and responsible life decisions.
Woman smiling in a poppy field with her baby girl - Domestic and Sexual Violence Center in Wenatchee, WA
Agency brochures, posters, community television advertisement, and local fundraisers are organized to keep the public aware of availability of services and support.
Cell Phones
Your old cell phones will serve in one of two ways. First, we issue non-activated phones (phones without a service) to people for safety purposes. The FCC mandated all wireless phones, even non-initialized to be able to make free 911 calls anywhere in the United States where 911 service is offered. More information on 911 FAQ can be obtained by going to Washington State Emergency Management Division. Surplus phones are turned in for donations from through the Shelter Alliance.
Community Education
Staff and agency volunteers routinely schedule meetings at schools, churches, service clubs, and businesses to discuss prevention of domestic and sexual violence.
Emotional support to survivor choices. Professional therapy to victims of sexual crimes.
Crisis Line
24-7 contact for victims having an emergency outside of normal office hours.
Emergency Shelter
Temporary housing for women and their children amidst an endangering domestic violence situation.
Advocates have regular schedule of office hours at locations in Chelan and Bridgeport.
Professional Training
Advocates will hold training for agencies or individuals who through the course of their work deal with victims of sexual assault or domestic violence.
Safety Kits
Notebooks of information on personal safety planning and legal processes.
Safety Classes
Biweekly group session to disseminate information and answer questions about domestic violence behaviorisms. Class size is limited, an appointment is necessary.
Support Groups
Evening support groups throughout the week. Daycare is provided.

  • Domestic Violence Survivors
  • Sexual Assault Survivors
  • Non-offending parent of survivors of Sexual Assault
  • Strengthening Families
Tech Safety
One of Five pilot sites in the Washington State, sponsored through WSCADV. A power point presentation to enhance knowledge of safety considerations with cordless phones, cell phones, faxes, computers, internet, and instant messaging.
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Crime Victim Service Center
The Crime Victim and Trauma Assistance Center is a Washington state Office of Crime Victim Advocacy (OCVA) Crime Victim Service Center. The Crime Victim and Trauma Assistance Center can help victims of crimes like assault, identity theft, fraud, missing persons, robbery, child abuse, and DUI crashes, as well as co-victims of homicide.