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Programs & Services

SAGE knows that a healthy future is possible for everyone. We develop personalized intervention and prevention programs designed to meet your specific needs. Whenever you're ready, we're here. 

Our Programs

We offer domestic violence services, sexual assault services, crime victims assistance, and have a child advocacy center. 

Above all, we offer hope. Let's work together to prioritize your safety and make healing possible. 


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Domestic Violence

Violence in the home can be physical, mental, sexual, emotional, or financial. It is used as a tool to control someone. It can happen to anyone and it is never the victim's fault. To learn more about the signs of domestic abuse, please visit WSCADV.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual act. Coercion, manipulation, and physical force  are ways perpetrators harm victims . At SAGE we uphold that a person is never "asking for it" 

To learn more, please visit RAINN.

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Crime Victims

Victims of Crime Act  (VOCA)  is a federal program built into our services. We assist people and families that have experienced robbery, homicide, identity theft, and more.

To learn more about VOCA, visit Equal Justice USA. 

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Child Advocacy

Child advocacy is a multidisciplinary approach to addressing and preventing child abuse.  We work with local agencies to promote healthy and happy childhoods

To learn more about the role of CAC's visit CACWA.

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An advocate's role is to address clients concerns by offering active listening, validation, information, and referral services. We offer general, medical, and legal advocacy.


We have advocates that specialize in domestic violence, sexual assault, crime, and child advocacy. 

Emergency Shelter

We offer emergency shelter for women and their children that are fleeing domestic violence. Our shelter is located in a confidential residential location and offers a space for people to begin again.

We also offer emergency hotel stays for all qualifying people.

Food Bank

We offer free food, hygiene products, and diapers to the community. No appointment is required.

Hours are M-F 8:00 am - 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm-5:00pm

Education & Referral 

We offer a bi-weekly domestic violence class in English and Spanish. We also have various support groups, interactive presentations, and outreach events. 


When your needs are outside of our scope of services, we are equipped to refer you to one of our legal, medical, or housing community partners. 

Crisis Line 

We know that crisis can happen at any time. We offer a 24/7 call line where you can reach a SAGE staff member at any time. (509) 663-7446

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