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Meet Matthew

Matthew Nordin, MSW, LSWAIC, MHP is excited to join our team at SAGE. Matt specializes in treating trauma. He most recently worked in Spokane where he primarily helped women and children suffering from PTSD and related issues. Matt is able to offer our clients EMDR, a groundbreaking therapy that allows the brain to process traumatic events and “move on” without the client having to talk about every single detail of what happened. (The video on this website explains it well.)

Matt is also trained in TF-CBT, which is often used with kids who’ve experienced traumatic events. He works with the client (or their primary caregiver) to figure out the best method for reaching their goals, which can include decreasing nightmares, improving school/work performance, and healing ruptures in their most important relationships. All of this begins, though, with Matt focusing on clients’ relationships with themselves. “Be gentle with yourself,” he will often say.

Matt trained at top-ranked Washington University in St. Louis, where his clients included women who’d recently been incarcerated and LGBTQ adolescents who were just coming out. Clients and colleagues say that they like talking with Matt because of his nonjudgmental presence in their lives.

If you would like to schedule an initial assessment with Matt, please call SAGE at (509) 663-7446.

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